Stablepoint Hosting Review – Best Hosting for WordPress?

Stablepoint Hosting is very new but the team behind it are veterans in the UK hosting market. Stablepoint offers all of the standard hosting options and uses the industry-standard cPanel control panel.

In my Stablepoint Hosting review I will go over the main features, benefits and negatives (if any) from the perspective of a customer and potential customer.

I have used so many UK hosting providers over the past few years, I know what I need and what the going rate is for a good and reliable service.

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Stablepoint Hosting Packages

Stablepoint offer all of the standard hosting packages as any provider, the main difference I notice is that they use existing cloud infrastructure providers including:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Alibaba

All the heavy hitters in the cloud computing world!

stablepoint review packages
Stablepoint providers and locations

They mention that these providers have already invested billions in their cloud infrastructure – no point reinventing the wheel as they say. Stablepoint leverage their system to create a hosting package for all levels of users and reasonable prices.

My preference is to stick with providers that own their own hardware so that they can quickly and easily address any issues or downtime. Having been stung in the past with smaller providers having no or little control, this was one of my main requirements.

My current longterm host Guru Cloud owns their own high spec hardware and, as they are a smaller part of the larger company, UK Dedicated, all hardware and management is in house.

A massive advantage Stablepoint have over my current host is that they offer hosting in 80+ locations worldwide. Also, they use Terraform as a deployment layer so that they are not tied to any single provided.

That means you can host in any (populated) continent in the world – wherever your visitors are, you can be too and at a reasonable cost!

That sounds high tech and fancy but what does that mean for the end-user? I need to find out from them, when they respond I will update. I only question this because when ordering, you are required to choose a location and provider

This review will be continued with more information shortly…

Stablepoint Review


Stablepoint offer a unique hosting service with multiple high-level backbone providers and at amazing prices.  Why wait for premium hosting? 

  • Price
  • Features
  • Support

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