Compareshop Review – Affiliate Commission without Hosting

Compareshop is a new and amazing product to get you commissions from some of the major sources without hosting, without a domain and anything technical – unbelievable but true.

In my Compareshop review, I will talk about why this is a real alternative to Woozone and Prosociate (my 2 favourites) and why it is a better platform rather than handling the hosting headache for WordPress sites.


What is Compareshop?

Compareshop is a great new system for creating affiliate stores in any niche and you can auto-import or manually import the products you want to add.

By far the biggest source and range of products is Amazon – that includes all of the Amazon localities so in my case Amazon UK as well as obviously and the other Amazon market places around the world.

The other affiliate market places include:

  • Amazon (all markets)
  • Aliexpress
  • Bestbuy
  • CJ Products (Commission Junction)
  • Ebay (all markets)
  • Rakuten
  • Walmart
Amazon stores worldwide
Amazon stores worldwide

Why Compareshop?

I was mulling over this before launch and during the first day or two, I have several Woozone and Prosociate Amazon affiliate and Ebay affiliate stores, do I need another one?

After researching for a while longer, I thought at this price, it is worth a punt. Woozone by itself would cost more than the initial product, adding on the pro version adds a few dollars but considering that EVERYTHING is included (domain, hosting, updates) it is worth a shot.

Compareshop Affiliate Stores main dashboard

Woozone is a fantastic product and one of the first successful Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress I used, my issue was with the resources required to run a decent affiliate store. When you hit 50+ products, you need more RAM and CPU resources, I had to upgrade the hosting package for one of my sites to accommodate as I was constantly getting CPU errors.

Prosociate in less intensive but has had fewer updates and does not seem to reliably update products, I tend to do it manually. That is despite having set up the CRON jobs for the update processes.

If you are looking for a SIMPLE and EASY way to get started or just build on what you have, Compareshop is a great option. There are training videos but I got started with a store just by entering my details, Amazon keys and picked product keywords.

For SEO value, there is a buil- in spinner but it is not great, they will hopefully add API support for other spinners. You can always edit products individually to add your own keywords, tags, images and so on.

Edit product information for better SEO and keywords
Edit product information for better SEO and keywords

What are the features of Compareshop?

I have already talked about some of the major highlights but I will go through the features in brief:

  • No hosting required
  • No domain required
  • Self updating
  • Unlimited products
  • Visitors can compare products
  • Auto import products
  • Social traffic
  • Custom domain (* read below)
  • Advanced integrations with socials, autoresponders, CRM
  • Additional monetisation with ads
  • 90 day cookies
  • Templates designed and ready
  • Native language support for multiple languages
  • Add your own products
  • SEO settings
  • Analytics
  • Auto add Videos related to the product
Compareshop autoresponder integrations
Compareshop autoresponder integrations

There are plenty of features I am missing but these are some of the highlights, click here for the fill list and demo video.

One of the features that made me delay my purchase was the Custom Domains. I purchased another product from this developer a few weeks called Max Funnels, I also upgraded and added a custom domain. I was told I could add more by requesting via support.

I assumed it would be similar with Compareshop and custom domains but when I contacted support, I was told that only a single custom domain was allowed. I was in two minds as to whether it was worth it as I prefer to brand the store with my own domain.

After speaking to others in the community, I was told that I can add multiple custom domains (1 per store) and just change the nameservers with the domain registrar. As I just signed up today and I have just started testing, I am awaiting my DNS to switch over, can take 24-48 hours, unfortunately.

Looking at the integration, this is all that is required so I don’t see why it won’t work but if it doesn’t, worse comes to worse, I will redirect the domain to the URL. Doesn’t look as good but does the job, I can still promote the URL on social media and have that branding.

Comparehshop affiliate dashboard
Affiliate store dashboard

What are the disadvantages of Compareshop?

Having had a little play with it and set up a couple of stores, there are a few inevitable things I don’t like but nothing stopping me making affiliate commission.

  • Rigid design
  • Fiddly settings and UI
  • Upgrade required for reports

As it is not a self-hosted system, the design and elements are pretty fixed with not a great amount of flexibility, nothing like WordPress. If I don’t link a theme in WordPress, I can quickly swap it for another one and configure freely.

Still getting used to the settings but they are a little fiddly to get to and I find myself clicking multiple buttons to find the setting I want to change.

I purchased the main commercial product and the first commercial pro upgrade, I wasn’t interested in Enterprise as I don’t have a team. I would have liked the reports to be included in the Pro Commercial version but I suppose basic stats are available plus Google Analytics.

What are the OTO upgrade for Compareshop?

As with most products such as this, there is a main front end and multiple upgrades or OTOs to increate the functionality:

Compareshop Personal Version

3 Sites/Stores

  • Main front end product $22
  • OTO1: Pro upgrade $44
  • OTO2: Enterprise $67
  • OTO3: Agency $47
  • OTO4: Premium Club $27pm / $197 1year / $297 2 years

Compareshop Commercial Version

Unlimited Sites/Stores

  • Main front end product $27
  • OTO1: Commercial Pro upgrade $64
  • OTO2: Enterprise $97
  • OTO3: Agency $67
  • OTO4: Premium Club $27pm / $197 1year / $297 2 years

As I mentioned earlier, I opted for the Commercial with the OTO1 Commercial Pro upgrade. This allows for unlimited sites whereas the personal only allows for 3.

The commercial Pro upgrade also offers many additional features including custom domains

Compareshop discount coupons

At the time of writing, we are in the official launch period so the price is incredibly low but after this period the price will triple or quadruple. The previous product I purchased (MaxFunnels) went from $47 to $297 after the launch period.

There are some coupons available, they are all for the Commercial licence:

  • 19th October: coupon code compareshop8 for 8% off within 24 hours
  • 20th-21st October: coupon code compareshop7 for 7% off within 48 hours
  • 22nd October: coupon code compareshop6 for 6% off within 24 hours
  • 23rd-24th October: coupon code compareshop5 for 5% off within 24 hours
  • Launch offer closes 29th October!

You can try compareshop10 and compareshop9 as I tested and they appear to work even after the date.

Bonuses with Compareshop

Something I don’t usually offer on this site but if you buy via one of the links on this page, I will send you the following bonuses worth several hundred dollars. I am only offering 50 downloads for a limited time



  • Freedom Online Video Course
  • Traffic Secrets Unleashed
  • 20 Online Business Ideas Ebook
  • 12 Point Checklist for Building an Online Business Ebook
  • Affiliate Rocket Video Course & Ebook
  • Guide to Amazon & Ebay Affiliate Ebook
  • Easy Online Income Streams Ebook

Total value $297, yours free when you buy via one of the Buy buttons on the page as a thank you.

Take action now before the price rises to 4x the initial cost and use the coupons while they last.

Compareshop Review


If you can pickup Compareshop in the launch period then grab it immediately as the price will rocket.  It is an amazing all in hosted unlimited affiliate store package with amazing features and great potential.

  • Price
  • Features
  • Support

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