Brizy Review – best WordPress page builder?

Brizy is considered a newcomer to the WordPress page builder scene but has been in development for a few years. I purchased it a year ago and didn’t consider it for live sites at the time but is it time to reconsider? Should I replace Elementor with Brizy? What makes Brizy better than Elementor? Find out why I think Brizy will be the best page builder for WordPress and is a great investment right now!

What is Brizy

Brizy is a page builder plugin for WordPress that offers amazing design options to create fantastic looking and fully functional websites and pages. Brizy can also create a full theme replacing your current theme if you are after a clean beautiful continuous design throughout your site.

How much does Brizy cost?

Brizy is available for free via the WordPress repository as a plugin which is great. If you truly want to exploit the advanced features available, the Brizy Pro upgrade is incredible value and worth the cost.

Brizy is currently available with three pricing offers:

  • $49 per year (3 sites)
  • $99 per year (unlimited sites)
  • $299 lifetime (unlimited sites)
brizy review price table
Brizy Pricing Table

I signed up for the lifetime offer after the second price increase, I understand that the current price of $299 is the final price increase but the lifetime deal will be gone at any time this summer! They have said so across social media and given warnings to this effect. If you build websites for yourself for clients, jump on this deal immediately!!

If you don’t have the funds for the Lifetime package, opt for the Unlimited package, once you start using Brizy you will see the ease of designing great looking websites.

There is a 30% renewal discount which is generous considering that most providers are ending the renewal discount at the moment.

Brizy vs Elementor

This is going to be a hot debate as Elementor (review) is currently the undisputed king of page builders for WordPress and it did seem that nothing would come close for a while. Brizy have been working slowly (too slowly) in the background, offering small updates monthly, staying in beta until they were ready. The current product is ready for production sites but there are so many more features in development it will feel like a new product in a few months.

Both Brizy and Elementor offer similar features but in the short time I have been using Brizy for an actual site, I have found it more comfortable and intuitive to use. Some things just feel like they are easier to do with less messing about.

I am a fan of Elementor and have been since I first started using it a few years ago, I didn’t appreciate the reduced renewal discount as I signed up at 50% and they reduced it to 25%. I also don’t agree with the recent reduction in the number of sites in the Unlimited package to 1000 – granted most will never get to this but previous buyers should have been grandfathered in on both issues not just told tough.

I have started working with Brizy now and I am enjoying the learning experience, I will have a full comparison with Elementor up shortly and a complete review soon.

Brizy Features

There are so many unique features in Brizy and if you are a page builder veteran you will find the experience similar but also slightly different to how you currently work – in a good way hopefully!

Brizy Cloud

This is something I have only briefly tested but I really see the potential of this for creating landing pages and leaf capture pages. Brizy Cloud is quite simply, Brizy but as stand alone HTML pages that do not require WordPress and be uploaded to any host. The advantage of this is low resource usage whilst having beautiful sites. There are options to download just the HTML files or download server linked HTML files. The latter allows you to login to the Brizy Cloud backend and make changes which will be pushed to your pages automatically almost instantly.

You may also host your Brizy Cloud sites with Brizy, currently for free but there will be some sort of pricing available soon. This included custom domain and brizy domain. The pro version of Brizy Cloud is available as part of your Brizy Pro subscription.

This is a unique offering and something that makes Brizy stand out from the competition, this is something I will be using as my current process is installing WordPress for every domain I wish to use just to make a landing page with all of the integrations I need.

Get Brizy

Brizy is the BEST page builder I have used for WordPress. Grab it now at the fantastic price and grab the LIFETIME deal before it is removed!

Brizy Review


Brizy is currently priced competitively, the feature list is growing monthly, the ease of use is fantastic.  The future looks very positive for Brizy – grab it now before the price increases.

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